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Recovery and Building Back Better


Globally, the approach towards post-disaster restoration and rehabilitation has shifted to one of betterment reconstruction. While disasters result in considerable disruption of normal life, enormous suffering, loss of lives and property, global efforts consider the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phase as an opportunity to build back better integrating disaster risk reduction into development measures, and making communities resilient to disasters. BBB is not limited to the built environment and has a wide applicability encompassing the economy, societal systems, institutions, and environment. The Sendai Framework envisages that the stakeholders will be prepared for BBB after a disaster. Existing mechanisms may require strengthening in order to

provide effective support and achieve better implementation. Disaster recovery tends to be very difficult and long-drawn out. The reconstruction will vary depending on the actual disaster, location, 1Where ever SDMA is used, unless otherwise mentioned, it stands for the nodal agency of the state, which may be SDMA, or others such as the Commissioner of Relief, or the Department of Revenue, as applicable to the particular state. pre-disaster conditions, and the potentialities that emerge at that point of time. The NDMP provides a generalized framework for recovery since it is not possible to anticipate all the possible elements of betterment reconstruction.

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