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B.Tech (Sem I) Theory Examination, 2012-13, Environment and Ecology Paper Code: CE 101

Time: 3 Hours]
B.Tech (Sem I) Theory Examination, 2012-13, Environment and Ecology Paper Code: CE 101
[Total Marks: 80
Note: Attempt all questions from all sections as per instructions.
Section A
Attempt all parts of this question. 2x8=16
1.(a) What are the components of the earth or environmental segments?
(b) Comment on human concern on environment.
(c) What are the impacts of in-situ and ex-situ conservation of biodiversity?
(d) Trace the factors leading to deforestation.
(e) Classify the energy resources.
(f) What is the composition of Biogas?
(g) What are the symptoms of water pollution in any water body?
(h) List the effects of air pollution on public health.
2. Section B
Attempt any three parts of this question 8x3=24
(a) Explain the following: snob DETSE
(i) Ecosystem and its components
(ii) Functions of ecosystem
(b) What is sustainability and sustainable development? What are its components? How can it be ensured?
(c) Depletion of power production is the major problem faced in our country.
Provide reasons for this problem and also give your innovative ideas on
alternate source of energy for electricity production.
(d) How the water gets polluted? Explain each pollutant with example.
(e) Explain in detail the various acts relating to air, water and environmental
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