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Model Test booklet for M. Sc Environmental Science with answer Key


Model Test booklet for M. Sc Environmental Science

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Total questions: 60                                                    Question Booklet series......

Time allowed : 70 Minutes

Roll No:









Instructions for Candidates :

1. Write your Roll Number in the space provided at the top of this page of Question Booklet and fill up the necessary information in the spaces provided on the OMR Answer Sheet.

2. OMR Answer Sheet has an Original Copy and a Candidate's Copy glued beneath it at the top. While making entries in the Original Copy, candidate should ensure that the two copies are aligned properly so that the entries made in the Original Copy against each item are exactly copied in the Candidate's Copy.

3. All entries in the OMR Answer Sheet, including answers to questions, are to be recorded in the Original Copy only.

4. Choose the correct/most appropriate response for each question among the options A, B, C and D and darken the circle of the appropriate response completely. The incomplete darkened circle is not correctly read by the OMR Scanner and no complaint to this effect shall be entertained.

5. Use only blue/black ball point pen to darken the circle of correct/most appropriate response. In no case gel/ink pen or pencil should be used.

6. Do not darken more than one circle of options for any question. A question with more than one darkened response shall be considered wrong.

7. There will be 'Negative Marking for wrong answers. Each wrong answer will lead to the deduction of 0.25 marks from the total score of the candidate.

8. Only those candidates who would obtain positive score in Entrance Test Examination shall be eligible for admission

9. Do not make any stray mark on the OMR sheet.

10. Calculators and mobiles shall not be permitted inside the examination hall.

11. Rough work, if any, should be done on the blank sheets provided with the question booklet.

12. OMR Answer sheet must be handled carefully and it should not be folded or mutilated in which case it will not be evaluated.

13. Ensure that your OMR Answer Sheet has been signed by the Invigilator and the candidate himself/herself.

14. At the end of the examination, hand over the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator who will first tear off the original OMR sheet in presence of the Candidate and hand over the Candidate's Copy to the candidate.



1. What is the density of Mantle?

a) 4.5 gcm3

b) 14.5 gcm3

c)28.5 gcm3

D) None of the above

2. The theory of contenental drift was given by

a) Tuzo wilson

b) Alfred wegner

c) Henery Hess

d0 Humboldt

3. Granite is an example of

a) Acid igneous rock

b)Basic Igneous rock

c)Sedimentary rock

d)Metamorphic rock

4. The Jhelum river submerged the Srinagar city with devastating floods in which river.

1) 2013

2) 2014


4) 2016

5. world population day is on

a) 5th June

b) 11th July

c)4th October

d) 21st March

6. According to National Forest Policy (1998) what percentage of land should be covered with forests in plain areas?

a) 10%


c) 33%

d) 43%

7.Almuminium is extracted from which ore?

a) pyrite

b) Bauxite

c) silicate

d) None of the above

8. Oldest Hydroelectric project (Mohra) in Kashmir was built in 

a) 1700

b) 1905

c) 1950

d) 1965

9. A dangerous condition or event, that threat or have the potential for causing injury to life or damage to property or the environment is known as

a) Risk

b) Hazard



10. Nodal Ministry for Management  and Mitigation of Avalanche

a)Min. of Defence (MoD)

b) Min. of Earth Sciences (MoES)

8 Min. of Water Resources (MoWR)

d) All of the above

11. The percentage of Argon in atmosphere is

a) 0.93


c) 0.002


12 . Climate of world is threatened by

a) increasing concentration of atmospheric oxygen

b) decreasing amount of oxygen

c) decreasing concentration of atmospheric nitrogen

d) increasing concentration of atmospheric Carbondioxide

13. The study of soil is called

a) dedology


c) soilogy

d) horizons

14. Cotton is grown in which type of soils?

a) Red

b) Black

c) Sandy

d) greval

15. Which of the following activitiesare responsible for acelrated soil erosion?

a) Overgrazing

b) Deforestration


d) All of the above

16. the process of desert formation is known as

a) landslides

b) Desertification

c) mining

d) Erosion

17. India receives about what percentage of global precipitation

a) 4%

b) 10%

c) 20%

d) 26%

18. Which of the following is natural resource?

(a) Air

(b) Soil

(c) Water

(d) All of these


19. Which of the following is not natural resource?

(a) Forest

(b) Minerals

(c) Biodiversity

(d) CFCs

20. which of the following is a sedementary cycle

a)Carbon cycle

b) Nitrogen cycle

c) oxygen cycle

d)Sulphur cycle

21. Ground water represents of what percentage  of fresh water

a) 0.5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) 20%

22. Minimata disease was caused by which heavy element

a) Pb

b) Hg

c) sn

d) Cr

23.Chemically Asprin is

a) Acetyl Salicyclic Acid

b) sodium Salicyclic acid

c) Methyl Salicyclic acid

d) Ethyl Salicyclic acid

24. Which ones are the most essential for origin of life ?

a) Enzymes

b) Proteins

c) carbohydrates

d) Nucleic acids

25. During Photosynthesis the oxygen in glycose comes from

a) water

b)carbon dioxide

c) Both a&b

d) oxygen in air

26. The amount of energy given by one mole of ATP is

a) 7.3 kcal

b) 721 kcal

c)7600 kcal

d) 1000 kcal


27. Fruit ripening is promoted by

a) Ethylene

b) SO2

c) CO2

d) Nitrogen

28..Epigeal germination occurs in

a) Pea

b) Gram

c) Castor

d) Maize

29. Chemical theory for origin of life was given by

A. Stanley Miller

b) Oparin and haldane

c) Spallanzani

d) Louis pasture

30. Which one of the following is used in genetic engineering?

a) RNA polymerase

b) DNA polymerase

c) Restriction endonuclease

31. AIDS day is

a) May 1

b) Nov 1

c) June 1

d) December 1

32. Filariasis is caused by

a) Wuchereria Bancrofti

b) Tse tse fly

c) sand fly

d) All the above

33. Who proposed the term ecosystem?

a) Odum

b) Gardner

c) Warming

d) Tansley

34. Green plants constitute

a) Complete food chain

b) Second trophic level

c) First trophic level

d) third trophic level

35. Amount of carbon fixed  anually through photosynthesis is

a)  4.6 x 1010 Kg

b) 7 x 1013 Kg

c) 7 x 1020 Kg

d) 4.6 x 1021 Kg

36. Biogeochemical cycles are also Known as

a) Sedimentary cycle

b) Gaseous cycles

c) Material cycling

d) cycles of water

37. In one year .one hectare of forest shall

a) a) consume 10 tonnes of CO2 and evolve 10 tonnes of O2

 b)consume 20 tonnes of CO2 and evolve 10 tonnes of O2

c) consume 30 tonnes of CO2 and evolve 30 tonnes of O2

d) consume 30 tonnes of CO2 and evolve 10 tonnes of O2

38. Ozone layer occurs in

a) Ionosphere

b) Stratosphere

c) Thermosphere

d) Troposphere

39. Green house gases include

a) CO2,CFC,CH4 and NO2

b) CO2,O2,N2, NO2 and NH3

c)Co2,CFC,CH4, N2and NH3

d)Co2,CFC,NH3 and N2

40. The succession which starts from sand

a) Psammosere

b) Halosere

c) Lithossere

d) xerosere

41. Largest  fresh water lake in india is

a) Dal Lake

b) Wular Lake

c) Gangbal Lake

d) Surinsar lake

42. Sudden mass death of fish is more likely to occur in

a) Eutrophic lake

b) Mesotrophic Lake

c0 Oligotrophic lake

d) Oxalotrophic lake

43. Which is not dangerous for life?

a) Nuclear Blast

b) Deforestration

c) Ozone Layer


44. 5th june is

a) World forest day

b) World Redcross day

c) World environment day

d) world food day

45. Which is a regional pollution

a) smog

b) acid rain

c) o3 layer depletion

d) both a and b

46. Pollutant emitted from paddy fields

a) CO2

b) CH4

c) CO

d) H2O2

47. DDT is

a) Biodegradable Pollutant

b) Non Biodegradable Pollutant

c) Not a Pollutant

d) An antibiotic

48. Noise pollution is measured in

a) Loudness


c) Decibel

d) Kg

49. Hearing loss is caused by which pollution

a) Air pollution

b) Noise pollution

c) water pollution

d) None

50. Entamoeba histolytica causes

a) Chicken pox

b) Tetnus

c) Dysentry

d) Elephantiasis

51. When a mean deviation is divided by the average used in finding out the mean deviation itself, the resulting quantity is described as the

a) coefficient of mean deviation

b) coefficient of standard deviation

(c) coefficient of variance

d) none of the above

52. 5th June, The World Environment Day, is associated with which ol the following

international convention?

(B) Montreal Protocol

(A) Earth Summit

(C)Stockholm Conference

(D) Ramsar Convention

53. silkworm is a

a) Beetle

b) Worm

c) fly

d) Moth

54. Which Zoogeographical region is the largest

a) Palaearctic region

b) Oriental region

c) Australian

d) Neotropical 

55. Mycorrhiza helps in the uptake of which nutrient

a) Nitrate

b) Potassium


d) Molybdenum

56. Which is not dangerous for life?

a) Nuclear Blast

b) Deforestration

c) Ozone Layer


57. Floride pollution mainly affects

a) Brain

b) Heart

c) Teeth

d) Kidney

58. Minamata and itai itai are caused by the pollution of

a) Hg and Pb

b) Hg and Cd

c) Pb and Sn

d) Pb and St

59. The median of the data 160, 180, 200, 280, 300, 320, 400 will be:


 (B) 300

(d) 280

D) 180


60. Probability of a sure event is: 

(A) 0

(B) 0.5

(c) 1

(D) None of these

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