"Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." - Aristotle "The highest education is that which doesn't merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence." - Rabindranath Tagore "It is the lot of man to share in the deeper aspirations of the universe around him and to share his own destiny as well as that of the universe, now by adjusting himself to its forces, now by putting the whole of his energy to his own ends and purposes." - Sir Muhammad Iqbal (RA) Image NEW JKPSC Assistant Professor Previous Year Papers PDF | NEW Syllabus for the post of Assistant Professor Renewable Energy in Higher Education Department published by JKPSC | NEW Syllabus for Post of Assistant professor in Environmental science JKPSC - 2023 in Higher Education Department | NEW Top 10 questions of Environmental Science in 2023-2024


1. Which of the ozone depleting agent being used in fire extinguishers ?

(A) Nitrogen oxide

(B) Halon

(C) Chlorofluoro Carbon

(D) Methyl bromide

2. Who classified responses to change in the environmental complex into five

types : Masking, Lethal, Directive controlling and Deficient ?

(A) Kendeigh 1969

(B) Blackman (1905)

(C) Precht (1958)

(D) John 1960

3. Which industry workers suffer from Byssinosis ?

(A) Cardboard

(B) Coal miners

(C) Textile

(D) Paper

4. Which of the following substance is not a derivative of petroleum ?

(A) Asphalt (B) DDT

(C) Cellulose (D) Polystyrene

5. In automobile exhaust, lead is emitted mostly as

(A) Tetra alkyl lead

(B) Metallic lead

(C) Lead sulphide

(D) Lead bromochloride

6. Life has originated on the earth about

(A) 1.5 billion years ago

(B) 3.5 billion years ago

(C) 2.5 billion years ago

(D) 4.5 billion years ago

7. A area which is actively defended by an animal from an intruder of the same

species is its

(A) Niche

(B) Home range

(C) Territory

(D) Habitate

8. Term “nuclear winter” is associated with

(A) Nuclear war

(B) Nuclear disarmament

(C) Nuclear weapon testing

(D) Aftermath of a nuclear holocaust

9. Fast pyrolysis is done to obtained

(A) Bio oil from lignocellulose

(B) To dispose off the waste

(C) To combat the pollutions

(D) B) and C)

10. The Bulk silicate earth represents the

(A) Solid earth + Atmosphere

(B) Solid earth – Metallic core

(C) Crust, mantle and the core

(D) Crust, mantle, core and upper atmosphere

11. The range of environmental condition which a taxon can tollerate is called

(A) Biotic range

(B) Ecological tolerance

(C) Ecological amplitudes

(D) Tolerance limit

12. A population with equal number of birth and death in the growth curve will shows

(A) Acceleration face of growth

(B) Plateau phase

(C) Expotential growth phase

(D) Initial phase of growth

13. Radioactive element found in bones is

(A) Cesium – 137

(B) Strontium – 90

(C) Plutonium

(D) Uranium

14. Dobson unit is a major concentration of



(C) Ozone


15. The mineral which is most susceptible to weathering is

(A) Quartz

(B) Olivine

(C) K-Feldspar

(D) Garnet

16. Who gave the concept of fundamental and realised niches ?

(A) Hutchinson 1965

(B) A. G. Tansleuf

(C) E. P. Odum 1945

(D) Hoskin (195)

17. ODP is

(A) Ozone Deficiency Potential

(B) Ozone Differentiating Potential

(C) Ozone Detection Potential

(D) Ozone Depleting Potential

18. Graphical representation of transfer of food from producers to consumers is

(A) Biological pyramid

(B) Trophic level

(C) Ecological efficiency

(D) Food web

19. The highest penetrating power is found


(A) X-rays

(B) Ultraviolet rays

(C) Gamma rays

(D) Infra red rays

20. Map projection that retains certain

accurate directions

(A) Azimuthal

(B) Conformal

(C) Equidistant

(D) Neutral

21. Ganga Action Plan was launched in

(A) 1988 (B) 1992

(C) 1985 (D) 1981

22. Ecologically sensitive and important

areas breeding and spawning grounds

of marine life etc. are categorised in

coastal regulation zone as

(A) CRZ – IV (B) CRZ – II

(C) CRZ – III (D) CRZ – I

23. Following organisms makes significant

contributions of nitrogen fixation in paddy

fields in India.

(A) Algae

(B) Azotobacter

(C) Fungi

(D) Bacteria

24. Match the following :

a) Kazi ranga

sanctury 1) Rhinoceroses

b) Manasa Sanctury 2) Tigers

c) Kanha National 3) Wildbuffaloes


d) Jalad para sanctury 4) One horned


(A) a - 3 b - 2 c - 3 d - 4

(B) a - 4 b - 3 c - 2 d - 1

(C) a - 1 b - 2 c - 3 d - 4

(D) a - 2 b - 1 c - 4 d - 3

25. Shannon-Weaver index is used to indicate

(A) Species Diversity

(B) Air Pollution Level

(C) Water Pollution

(D) Species Richness

26. The standard deviation of binomial distribution is

(A) npq (B) npq

(C) n2p2q2 (D) np

27. Consider the following measures

a) Correlation co-efficient

b) Covariance

c) Co-efficient of variation

d) Index number

Which of these are unit free ?

(A) a) and b)

(B) a) and c)

(C) b) and d)

(D) a), c) and d)

28. Silo filter disease in man is due to

(A) N2O Poisoning

(B) NO2 Poisoning

(C) Co Poisoning

(D) Co2 Poisoning

29. Silence zone is defined as areas up to

(A) 100 m around hospitals, educational institutes and courts

(B) 200 m around hospitals educational institutes and courts

(C) 400 m. around hospitals, educational institutes and courts

(D) 800 m. around hospital, educational institutes and courts

30. Which treatment process removes about 90% of the biodegradable material

present in the water ?

(A) Primary treatment

(B) Secondary treatment

(C) Tertiary treatment

(D) Both A) and C)

31. Soil erosion is maximum in

(A) Sandy soil

(B) Clayey soil

(C) Loamy soil

(D) Lateritic soil

32. Homeotherms use a greater portion of the assimilated energy in respiration than

Poikilotherms since they require tot of energy for

(A) Building up of body tissues

(B) Maintenance of body temperature

(C) High growth efficiency

(D) None of these

33. In leaded petrol, anti knocking agent is tetra methyl-tetra ethyl lead. In unleaded  petrol this agent is

(A) Methyl-ethyl ether

(B) Propane

(C) Methyl tertiary butyl ether

(D) Dibromo methane

34. Which is not true about incineration of solid waste ?

(A) There are drastic reductions in the volume and weight of waste

(B) The ash contains metals and other toxic substance

(C) The incinerators are relatively cheap to build

(D) The incinerators are built to generate electricity

35. Blending of 10% biodiesel with 90% conventional diesel is called

(A) B90

(B) B10

(C) B50

(D) B1

36. Sewage water is purified for recycling by the action of

(A) Light

(B) Eichhornia aquatic plant

(C) Micro organisms

(D) Fishes

37. Name the good soil type for agriculture

(A) Loamy soil

(B) Sandy soil

(C) Latosols

(D) Serpentine soil

38. The compounds that can Promote Eutrophilation of water bodies

(A) Cu-contains compound

(B) N 2 : contains compound

(C) S : contains compound

(D) O2 : contains compound

39. In India regarding E1A which of the following is not correct ?

(A) Lack of trained human resource

(B) Lack of basdine data

(C) Lack of legal system

(D) Lack of financial reasons

40. Which of the river given below has maximum melt water component in its

discharge ?

(A) Brahmaputra

(B) Ganga

(C) Indus

(D) Cauvery

41. Species having wide geographical ranges often develop locally adapted populations called

(A) Prototypes

(B) Paratypes

(C) Syntypes

(D) Ecotypes

42. The main cause of volcanic activity is

(A) Movement of earth

(B) Faulting

(C) Movement of moon

(D) Movement of sun

43. Verification is used to

(A) Concentrate nuclear waste

(B) Dispose nuclear waste

(C) Recycle nuclear waste

(D) Immobilize nuclear waste

44. Which among the following is not a measure of Central Tendency ?

(A) Harmonic mean

(B) Mode

(C) Standard deviation

(D) Median

45. Soft plastic toys may contain which probable carcinogenic compounds (S) used as plasticizer (S)

(A) Vinyl chloride

(B) Phthalates

(C) Hypochlorites

(D) Carbamates

46. HEAL Programme was started to

(A) Monitor total human exposure to Pollutants

(B) Reestablish the disrupted ecosystem

(C) Establish the tolerance limits for different pollutants

(D) Save the representative ecosystem of the world

47. Hungal is found in

(A) Kishtwar Bioreserve

(B) Dachigan

(C) Bandipura National Park

(D) Bannergatha National Park

48. If the size of the sample is very small which method of sampling gives better results ?

(A) Startified

(B) Purposive

(C) Random

(D) Census

49. Saturated level of DO infresh water at 20°C is

(A) 8.2 mg/L

(B) 9.1 mg/L

(C) 13.2 mg/L

(D) 6.8 mg/L

50. What are the two main types of data structure used in Arc GIS ?

(A) Image and Raster

(B) Raster and Vector

(C) Image and DBF

(D) DBF and Vector

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