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51. Common type of forest in India is

(A) Tropical moist deciduous

(B) Temperate forest

(C) Scrub jungle

(D) Tropical dry deciduous

52. Which of the following group is the component of bio fertilizer ?

(A) Mushrooms

(B) Diatoms

(C) Cyanobacteria

(D) Coliforms

53. The scheme ECOMARK initiated in 1991 for

(A) Ecologically sensitive areas

(B) Eco-tourism development

(C) Environmental Education

(D) Labelling ecofriendly products

54. The Scientific Committee On Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) was

constituted by

(A) United Nations Environment


(B) Ministry of Environment and Forests

(C) International Council of Scientific Unions

(D) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

55. Identify the correct sequence of nitrogen mineralization from the

following :

(A) Ammonification Nitrosification Nitrification Denitrification

(B) Denitrification Ammonification Nitrosification Nitrification

(C) Nitrosification Nitrification Denitrification Ammonification

(D) Nitrification Denitrification Ammonification Nitrosification

56. Which of the following is an obligate symbiont ?

(A) Rhizobium

(B) Arbuscular mycorrhizae

(C) Rickettsiae

(D) Frankia

57. Hydrosphere contains how much of freshwater ?

(A) 3%

(B) 10%

(C) 17%

(D) 25%

58. Humus is important for plant-growth promotion because

(A) it consists of dead organic matter

(B) it is derived from leef litter

(C) it is partially degraded

(D) it is rich in nutrients and possess high water holding capacity

59. Choose the correct sequence of atmospheric layers from bottom to upwards

a) Exosphere

b) Thermosphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Trophosphere

e) Stratosphere

Identity the correct code :

Codes :

(A) (B) (C) (D)





60. Flora and fauna can be protected in situ

(A) Sanctuaries

(B) Zoos

(C) Botanical gardens

(D) National parks

61. Test of significance is performed by

(A) Chi-square test

(B) F-test

(C) Probability test

(D) Null hypothesis

62. What is the permissible limit of coliforms in drinking water ?

(A) 10 / 100 ml

(B) 20/100 ml

(C) 50/100 ml

(D) 75/100 ml

63. From which of the following monsoon India receives maximum precipitation

(A) North-east monsoon

(B) South-east monsoon

(C) South-west monsoon

(D) North-west monsoon

64. Exsitu conservation of Biodiversity can be done by

(A) National Parks

(B) Biosphere Reserves

(C) Gene Banks

(D) Wild Life Sanctuaries

65. The percentage of nitrogen in air is

(A) 70%

(B) 74%

(C) 78%

(D) 82%

66. Name of Scientist who detected acid in

rain water for the first time

(A) Robert Angus Smith

(B) Ravish Malhotra

(C) Henry Becquerel

(D) Yuri Gagarin

67. Following group of algae fixes atmospheric nitrogen

(A) Blue-green algae

(B) Brown algae

(C) Yellow algae

(D) Yellow-green algae

68. Length of Coast in India is about

(A) 7,000 km

(B) 3,000 km

(C) 2,000 km

(D) 17,000 km

69. According to Tbilisi Declaration, the goals of environmental education is /are

a) awareness and concern about economic, social, political and ecological interdependence

b) to provide opportunities to acquire the knowledge, values, attitude, commitment and skills

c) to create new patterns of behaviours of individual groups and society as a whole Identify the correct code :

Codes :

(A) (a) is the correct answer

(B) (a) and (b) are the correct answers

(C) (b) is the correct answer

(D) (a), (b) and (c) are the correct answers

70. WWF stands for

(A) World Wild Life Fund

(B) World Wide Fund for Nature

(C) World Wide Forestry

(D) Word Wide Food Security

71. The regions between 20° and 40° latitude are known as

(A) Arctic

(B) Temperate

(C) Sub-tropical

(D) Tropical

72. The practice of cultivating agricultural crops between rows of planted trees is called

(A) Zoom cultivation

(B) Agri-horti cultivation

(C) Shift irrigation

(D) Farm forestry

73. Which of the following is the ore mineral of zinc ?

(A) Galena

(B) Sphalerite

(C) Pyrite

(D) Siderate

74. Common energy source in Indian villages is/are

(A) Coal

(B) Wood and animal dung

(C) Electricity

(D) Solar

75. Which of the soil horizon is rich in organic content ?

(A) Top soil

(B) Sub soil

(C) Hard pan

(D) Weathered zone

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