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Classification on the basis of ownership rights

Resources are categorized into three types on the basis of their ownership:

1. National:
These resources are confined within the boundaries of a nation. (Fossil fuels, lakes, forests) 

2. Multinational:
These are the resources which transcend the boundaries of a nation. (Rivers like Ravi and satluj) 

3. International:
These are the resources which can't be confined to any boundary (Air, sunlight). 

The wealth and status of any country is decided by it's natural resources. Therefore, use of natural resources should be sustainable so that our future generation can also draw maximum benefits from them. Thus, need of the hour is to understand the availability, importance and proper management of various natural resources. 

In next couple of posts, we will discuss the following natural resources in detail:

1. Forest resources
2. Water resources
3. Energy resources
4. Mineral resources
5. Land resources
6. Food resources

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